Card Security
The T24 PayVault VISA card has several security features integrated on the card to protect both the cardholders and vendors from fraud and unauthorised card usage.

Chip with encrypted PIN

The T24 PayVault VISA Card must be used at a PIN-enabled terminal and your personal PIN code is used to authorise any transaction.

Flat numbers

The T24 PayVault Card does not have raised numbers. This protects against the possibility of the card being copied in a Zip Zap machine. You can still feel the numbers with the Indent printing technique.

3D Secure Verified by VISA

With Verified by VISA, you’re protected whenever you make an online payment with your VISA card at more than 300,000 websites across Europe.


You must sign your card on the back when you receive it. A T24 PayVault VISA Card is not valid unless signed.


The CVV number is used to authenticate online transactions and is there for your security.

Electronic Use Only

The T24 PayVault VISA Card cannot be used if the Merchant is unable to verify that the funds are available on the card. This will safeguard you from any unauthorised usage.

VISA hologram

The VISA dove hologram glimmers in different angles. Check the hologram if you suspect that the card you are holding might be fraudulent.

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